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January 1, 2018

2017 departs with its TV ad music

2017 was a year for getting to know things. I have, for many a year, enjoyed the musical extravaganza that is Mr Blue Sky. Almost operatic (in a good way!) and bouncy and positive, it winds down at the end, complete with a chugging cello beat and then the vocoder voice saying “Please turn me over”. Which is what you would do in those Victorian days of vinyl when you turned over the 45 or, in my case, turned over the LP. Except… for years I had thought those words were simply “Mr Blue Sky”. Which is crazy because that sounds nothing like “Please turn me over” – not even the same number of syllables…

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March 15, 2015

Hang on, I’ve lost the plot: The Stargate SG-1 Syndrome

In my televisual and filmic viewing, I have high standards. I don’t believe in watching any old thing just because it’s on the telly. I am a discerning and intelligent viewer. As such, there are certain criteria which I use to scientifically determine whether I should give up my precious time and view any visual work of art. After many years, I have managed to hone down my requirements, to crystallise the very essence of what makes a TV programme or a film worth watching. There are, for me, basically two requirements for any creative representation to have credibility and inherent value. Media without these two elements will not hold my attention for very long. Those two essentials are: aliens and explosions.

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February 15, 2015

Movies4Men. And movies to make you riot.

There is a TV channel called Movies4Men. Those who are fleet of brain and nimble of cleverness will instantly recognise that it is a TV channel of movies… which are for men. These movies are not for boys. Nor are they for those of a female disposition. Likewise dogs, hamsters and fish are discouraged from viewing this channel. I have instructed my wife not to view this channel, it is for men only. Occasionally I may come home to find that said channel is in fact on our TV. She assures me that this is, of course, an error. Or sometimes, she has kindly turned on the channel ready for me for when I return home. It is good to know that my wife knows who is the Boss in our house.

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March 24, 2012

The debate

I have no wish for this blog to simply become a place to rant. A place where I just list all the things I do not like. That is my wish. Unfortunately, there are a lot of things that I do not like. So there could be a fair amount of rantishness in these posts. I try to be reasonable. I try to be fair. But I do get worked up sometimes about certain things.

I don’t even think it’s an age thing. I am reasonably sure that as a child I was generally disgruntled with a lot of things. I think I would have been labelled “sulky” or, if you are from the north, you may recognise the term “mardy”. The kinder assessment would have been “fastidious”. It may be that in a lot of ways, I am exactly as I was when I was 10. Outside, I am a man of intelligence, charming, urbane, erudite… well, that’s my interpretation. Inside, I am just a kid. And always have been. As I have grown older, I have simply learnt to hide it. I know more things now. I know how to order stuff in a restaurant. I know the social niceties. I know how to be pleasant to exceedingly boring people. But underneath it all, I want to run off and play. I don’t want to go to work. I don’t want a mortgage. I want my toys. I don’t want to fix those tiles in the bathroom. I want to go play. I don’t want to find the best interest rate for my meagre savings. I don’t want to sit in a stupid office. I want to just wander off and do as I please.

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