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November 23, 2014

Doing It Now! (Tap to snooze)

Somewhere in the house is a book with a very jazzy cover – bright yellow and black stripes as I recall. Big, bold red letters that declare: “Doing It Now!” It is quite possible that the title has more than one exclamation mark. Such fevered punctuation indicates an enthusiasm that can only be admired. I think this book may have been purchased while I was a member of a book club. Do people join book clubs now? Surely they just have the digitised version fed into their brain while they are asleep. The book club would, each month, send you a brochure with a selection of titles. One of these was the book of the month. And this would be sent to you automatically unless you returned a form with an X against this title, thus indicating that thanks but no thanks, you didn’t want this one. I am fairly sure that this strategy was designed so that people would forget to send back their form with the X and thus books would be sent out to people who didn’t really want them. Ah, the inventiveness of capitalism.

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April 7, 2012

I’d be happy to be a duke

Today, I gardened. For those of you who regularly partake of this activity, this will be of little consequence. Spring has poked its little nose out and you will be rushing off to the garden centre and then you will be planting this and watering that. For me, however, this is a major event. I do not like to garden. I am quite happy to look at gardens. I enjoy gardening TV programmes. I have even visited flower shows. But actually doing it? Not for me.

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