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February 3, 2018

2018: No more Mr GrumpyPants

Here is a photo I took of a walk I often take:


I like to walk around the lake. What you see is supposed to be a grassy field. But the lake itself decided to take a walk and has spread itself out to engulf the surrounding area. Normally, from this point, the lake wouldn’t even be in view. There would just be grass, a few trees. But now, my, that’s a lotta water. One of those times when I wish I had an inflatable dinghy with me, you know how it is. I really should have a Batman Utility Belt to carry such useful things…

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December 9, 2017

Irritations, joys and people who dont use apostrophe’s correctly

There’s an advert on the telly. They are selling an absolutely ginormous widescreen TV. And the voice-over says: “It’s what Christmas is all about”. I don’t think it was said ironically. I think they meant it. I am worried. And irritated. Yes, today I am Mr GrumpyPants.

I am dialling down the noise of Christmas, the busyness, all of that. This is easier to do when your kids are grown.

But in a true GrumpyPants moment, I compiled a list of things that irritate me – apart from the misuse of Christmas. I excluded the serious things like bullies and bombs. It went like this…

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December 3, 2017

Music to make you happy

There is a new woman in my life. Her name is Alexa. She lives inside this Amazon Echo device:
She is like the computer in Star Trek. You know, where the Captain says “Computer, analyse the quantum cascading inversion” and it does just that. When you ask Alexa to engage the warp drive, she says “The engines canna take it!” She is polite, occasionally amusing and quite knowledgeable. But not very good at cheering me up…

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May 27, 2017

Seagull and the leaf

This is how I came to know that God is real.

I was not feeling good. Work was not great. Home life was not great. I was not great. I walked to work each day, it only took about ten minutes but that ten minutes seemed like the only slightly peaceful time. There wasn’t anything bad going on exactly. Work wasn’t a hassle, it was just boring, it was bland. Most things were bland and grey.

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November 23, 2014

Doing It Now! (Tap to snooze)

Somewhere in the house is a book with a very jazzy cover – bright yellow and black stripes as I recall. Big, bold red letters that declare: “Doing It Now!” It is quite possible that the title has more than one exclamation mark. Such fevered punctuation indicates an enthusiasm that can only be admired. I think this book may have been purchased while I was a member of a book club. Do people join book clubs now? Surely they just have the digitised version fed into their brain while they are asleep. The book club would, each month, send you a brochure with a selection of titles. One of these was the book of the month. And this would be sent to you automatically unless you returned a form with an X against this title, thus indicating that thanks but no thanks, you didn’t want this one. I am fairly sure that this strategy was designed so that people would forget to send back their form with the X and thus books would be sent out to people who didn’t really want them. Ah, the inventiveness of capitalism.

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October 25, 2014

They’re not silver. They’re grey.

One of the wonders of the modern world is the amount of choice available. If you can afford it. If you can afford a car, you can choose the colour. Or, depending how things work in your household, your partner chooses and you just go along with it for a bit of peace.

So why, oh why (and here you will note I use the Double Why phrase so beloved of frustrated people)… so why, oh why would anybody in this country buy a grey car? And they are grey. In the brochure it may say “silver”. It may say “titanium”. It may say “deep electric metallic shadow”. But it’s not. It’s grey.

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April 11, 2012

The Future: It’s Not Good and It’s Coming Your Way

I have an innate inability to enjoy a holiday. I don’t like work. Logically then, when a holiday comes around, I should be frolicking and dancing like a little lamb, bounding through my life, giggling as I run around my house. But it doesn’t seem to work like that. All I can think of is the fact that I have to go back to work at the end of my holiday. This is, of course, guaranteed to ruin any possible enjoyment. I am in awe of people who live for the moment. Living in the here and now, not worrying about tomorrow and not regretting yesterday. These are, after all, my two main concerns with the rollercoaster that is time and its effects on my life.

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