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December 3, 2014

It’s another sign… but this one’s a slogan

There’s a shop I visit. This is the shop where I purchase chocolate. So, as you can imagine, it’s one I frequent on a regular basis. There’s a large sign on the wall that reads “We’re here for all that you want. And a little bit more.” Depending upon your outlook on life in general this would appear to indicate either (a) a caring and generous establishment or (b) a cynical attempt to trick you into thinking this is a caring and generous establishment.

But I have to ask the question: Do I wish to support a business that intends to give me more than I want?

Would it happen like this…?

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October 5, 2014

I am now a Regular guy

When I was a kid, sometime during the late Jurassic Period, I used to go to the top of the street to visit the shop with my pocket money. I had a shilling. That’s the equivalent today of 27.5 million pounds. And I spent it all on chocolate. Lovely, lovely chocolate.

As I grew to be a man, my love of chocolate, like my deep felt admiration for Spider-Man, never wavered. Chocolate is wonderful, wonderful. And I filled my face with it. I started out as a skinny kid, and I went on to be a skinny guy.

But now my skinniness is no more. At least, when it comes to my waist. The rest of me is a reasonable shape but I now have what is termed in medical circles a podge.

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March 31, 2012


The dental hygienist asked me if I had flossed. I decided I would tell the truth. It was time. All this deception is not good. I told her I flossed every day. Every day that I visited the dentist. I will not argue against the merit of flossing. But I don’t do it. And I wonder who does. Who regularly flosses every single day? Apart from dental hygienists and others whose profession is the tooth.

There are three things I have against flossing. Firstly, it’s time consuming. My teeth like each other. They have, over the years formed a special relationship. They are cosy in my mouth. Apart from the occasional intrusion from the cold and spiky instruments of a dental hygienist, they are snug and happy. They do not want to be parted, even if it is momentarily and by a piece of cotton. So it takes time. I think I am doing my mouth a favour if I brush. Flossing as well can take up valuable time that can be spent gazing out of the window or napping.

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