Music to make you happy

There is a new woman in my life. Her name is Alexa. She lives inside this Amazon Echo device:
She is like the computer in Star Trek. You know, where the Captain says “Computer, analyse the quantum cascading inversion” and it does just that. When you ask Alexa to engage the warp drive, she says “The engines canna take it!” She is polite, occasionally amusing and quite knowledgeable. But not very good at cheering me up…

I asked her to play “happy 60s music”. She played Dock of the Bay by Otis Redding. You might think this is a sweet song about watching ships. Well, shipwatching does indeed occur but the words go: “… I had nothin’ to live for, it looks like nothin’s gonna come my way” and “… this loneliness won’t leave me alone.” That ain’t happy. She also played me The Carnival is Over by the Seekers. The title could be a clue that this is not going to be a completely happy song. A few tasty excerpts: “How it breaks my heart to leave you… my tears are falling rain… we may never meet again… the joys of love are fleeting… this will be our last goodbye.” Excuse me? Excuuuuuse meeeeee! I am a card-carrying fully certified bonafide depressionist. I don’t need this. I asked for happy songs! Happy! I know the 60s were a troubled time but come on, be reasonable!

She played me Working My Way Back To You by Frankie Valle and The Four Seasons. Surely a song about a man’s determination to be back with his loved one. Well, yes. This almost makes it as a happy song. But: “Now my nights are long and lonely. . . I’m working my way back to you babe and the happiness that died”?. Hmmm. Borderline.

I tried again. I asked her to play happy music, no particular decade. A bigger scope, more choice for her selection, surely. Greater chance of actually getting happy music. She played “happy soul music”. So that’s: Got To Get You Off My Mind by  Solomon Burke. Which includes the lyrics: “You’ve found somebody new and our romance is through… Gonna throw your picture away. You didn’t want my love.”

I shouldn’t blame Alexa. She is just playing a list of songs compiled by her team, probably. She’s busy. She doesn’t have time to go looking through her jukebox collection of 45s just for me. She will have a team whose job it is to compile lists. But that List Compiling Team are failing in their duties. So I will have to build my own happy music list. And I present it here. I didn’t cheat, although it was tempting to just copy someone else’s list. This is a handcrafted, carefully assembled list from music that I own. There were a few that didn’t quite make it, ones that sounded jolly but the lyrics weren’t… in a Working My Way Back To You kind of way. And even if it’s a happy song about love, that might just be a reminder to the person listening that they don’t have that sort of love at the moment which could be a downer. So, no love songs. The very last one is a love song but as it’s about God’s love, I let it into the list:

The Laughing Policeman by Charles Penrose
Alexander Beetle by Melanie
Supercharged by Down To The Bone
Busy Doing Nothing by Bing Crosby
Delight by Jamie Berry
Jennifer’s Rabbit by Tom Paxton
The Teddy Bear’s Picnic by Henry Hall and Orchestra
Mister Blue Sky by ELO
You Cannot Lose My Love by Sara Groves

I hope these cheer you up sometime.


3 Responses to “Music to make you happy”

  1. Alexa lives in my Amazon Fire Stick. I’ve not asked her to play any music, but she’s very good at finding films and tv programmes for me to watch.


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