I am inspired to become a film soundtrack composer

I have just heard some of the soundtrack to Christopher Nolan’s latest film, Dunkirk. I have been a fan of Mr Nolan ever since that excellent film Memento. In fact, I watched Memento the other night in the right order… most of the scenes in the original are in reverse order so you start with the ending and go backwards to find out how the end came to be. But on the DVD, there’s a version in chronological order for the not-so-Spock.

So now, I think, I finally understand the film Memento. Although understanding it is not a requirement for appreciating how good it is. So, thank you, Mr Nolan for such a good film. Thanks too for The Dark Knight. As you will of course know, I am a Marvel boy not a DC boy but even so I appreciate a good Batman film. And I think that one’s the best. Due in no small part to Heath Ledger’s performance at a time when I was thinking no one could better Jack Nicholson as the Joker. But he did. And Inception was another great Christopher Nolan film.

But I digress. Which is so unlike me.

To return to the film Dunkirk. I haven’t seen it yet but I just heard a piece from the soundtrack. A piece called “Variation 15” by Benjamin Wallfisch and Sir Edward Elgar. It’s based on Nimrod by Sir Edward Elgar. In fact, as far as I could tell, it was Nimrod. Just slowed down really, really slow. That piece of music has inspired me. I’m thinking of becoming of a film composer. I think it would go like this…

“Geoff, how are you?”

“Mr Nolan! An honour to meet you!”

“Oh, just call me Chris. The thing is, I need a piece of music for my new film. Something based in the sixties.”

“No problem, Chris. It just so happens I’ve written a piece that would be ideal. It’s called Strawberry Fields Variation.”

“As in the Lennon and McCartney Strawberry Fields?”

“Exactly. It’s my variation on a theme of Strawberry Fields. Basically, we get the orchestra to play Strawberry Fields really, really, really slowly. I add my name to the credits and we’re all happy.”

“Excellent, Geoff!”

“That’ll be a million pounds please, Chris.”

“Here’s a cheque.”



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