The art and science of Rose Counting

Everything reminds me of Rose. There’s the usual things, the things you would expect to be reminders – her art, her makeup, her toothbrush. But there are so many other things that bring a memory of her to mind… I drive to work and at the tricky junction where a fast stream of traffic joins, I remember how I would worry about her coping with that junction when she came in the car to pick me up from work.

And then there’s rain. Rose loved to listen to the rain on the glass roof. As a Brit, I find that rain is something to be tolerated and a useful topic of discussion in awkward moments with strangers. For Rose, it was a reminder of the sound of the rain on the roof in her childhood home.

Rose had a more positive view of things than I did. Okay, most of the population of the world has a more positive view than I do. Must fix that. One of the ways this positive view would manifest itself was counting the days before something nice was happening. If there’s one thing I like it’s the weekend. But it always seemed a long way away. But not to Rose. If it’s early morning on a Tuesday, there’s only 2 days till the weekend. Or less.

Here’s how it works. It’s 8am Tuesday, a long week lies ahead… Oh no, it doesn’t. Firstly, what’s the goal? The weekend? No. You don’t want it to be Saturday because the weekend has already started and it’s already ticking down to Monday. No, your target is Friday, because then the weekend is about to begin. So Friday is your target and, obviously, you don’t count the day you’re aiming for. Because that would be silly. Likewise you don’t count the day you’re in, Tuesday. Even though it’s 8am, no, you’re already in Tuesday so that’s not counted. So that leaves Wednesday and Thursday. Two days. Seven and a half hours of work time multiplied by 2 equals 15 hours. See? It’s Tuesday but there’s only 15 hours till the weekend. That’s a good way of looking at it.

And that’s the principle of Rose Counting. I guess it’s a reflection of her positive nature. Her illnesses would get her down from time to time but her mood would always lift. So I will adopt some Rose Counting in my life and try to live a better life while remembering her.

The last year has not been a good one but Rose and I believe in God, in Christ and in a world after this one and I will see her again and that will be lovely.


One Comment to “The art and science of Rose Counting”

  1. “Rose Counting.” I need to remember that too.

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