Busy doing nothing: The Revenge Of The To Do List

I still have my To Do list. Just in case you were thinking “Look how the year is moving on! Mr Allen will no doubt have removed all of the items from his To Do list by now. What an inspiration that chap is! And so good-looking too!” Alas, my To Do list is still with me. But, on the positive side, my rugged good looks do seem to improve with each passing day.

I’d now like you to all get in groups of three and discuss how I can be motivated to do all the things I don’t want to do. And also, how I can be motivated to do all the things I do want to do. What’s that? You can’t be bothered. Okay, let’s have a chocolate chip cookie and a drink instead.

I see that my predictive text is getting to be a right Smarty Pants. If I type “choc”, it knows I want to type “chocolate”. Fair enough, even I could have guessed that. But then, without any more typing, it suggests the next word as “chip” and the following word as “cookie”. That’s just too clever. And yes, when I typed in “Smarty”, it did suggest “Pants”. While on the subject of predictive text and pants, be careful when texting your beloved on your phone and referring to her as “sweetypants” – overenthusiastic predictive text may convert that to “sweaty pants”.  Which is an entirely different epithet. And one that she may not entirely be grateful for.

But as regards the things that I need to do… There are things I want to do. And there are things I should do. Writing, for instance. Or even just publishing the things I’ve written. I have to investigate how Kindle publishing works, I have a few SF short stories that I’ve been meaning to do something with. Surely it can’t be too much of a task when quite a few of these stories are already digitised. (I fondly remember one of my first books which I hand wrote and then gave to a typist to type up. Ah, those wild Victorian days.)

And I have songs. How many songs do I have now? Am I into 4 figures yet? When you live for a long time, you write a lot of songs. I should get round to recording some of them. Or at least putting on the web those that were recorded in the past. My “music” software is getting lonely, waiting for me to come and create some music. “Come now, Mr Allen,” it says, “you bought me but you do not use me. Do something!”

And I have software for writing apps.  “Come now, Mr Allen,” it says, “you bought me but…” You’re beginning to see a pattern here, yes?

My guitar is dusty, my software is un-fired up, my projects are unprojected. My father was right then, when he nicknamed me Sloth. Hey, getting out of bed is never easy.

My bedroom needs tidying. Or should that be “study”. A gentleman should have a study really. Or a musician should have a studio. Well, no, it’s a bedroom really. And it desperately needs tidying up. When you can’t actually get from the door to anywhere else in the room, that’s a fair indication that action is required. I think I expand to fill empty space – there’s probably a physics-type equation to explain it. As a small boy I had a small bedroom so there literally wasn’t much space to make a mess. When my elder sister flew the nest I inherited her larger bedroom and soon expanded my untidiness appropriately.

To become absolutely anything of value in this world you require two things. Talent and drive. One per cent talent and 99 per cent drive will get you places. If I could just get some drive, things might improve. I need to get myself to the drive shop. I wonder if it comes in different strengths. I would have to go for the mild version first. It could be dangerous for my system to have industrial strength drive suddenly coursing through my veins. Could cause an overload. Perhaps there’s a setting: “slightly driven”. I don’t want to run before I can walk. Or walk before I can stroll. Or stroll before I can get out of bed.

There are blogs I would like to read. Books I would like to read – my Kindle has a nice queue of unread material awaiting my attention. I have 3D software I’d like to have a play with. I have eBay listings to do. I have emails I should write. I should sort out that backup software.

So many things to do. And so little enthusiasm. I should print that on a tee shirt. Oh wait, that’ll have to go on my To Do list.


2 Comments to “Busy doing nothing: The Revenge Of The To Do List”

  1. Ah, I see various traits here that I recognize. The 1% talent and 99% drive is particularly daunting. My drive needs constantly rebooting. Mind you, as the ladies said at my recent event for Over 50’s out of work; “Believe You can, and you’re halfway there”.

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