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December 7, 2014

The moviness of English and the stayiness of maths. Alright? All right!

The problem with English is it’s always moving. “English and Maths” are often lumped together as a pair but they are an odd couple. English likes to move with the times, she’s hip and groovy, she’s down with the kids. Right on. Maths is still wearing that brown corduroy jacket with elbow patches.

When I was at school, “alright” was not alright.┬áMr Wright – which is a great name for a teacher and has an almost Dickensian fitness for purpose here – was my English teacher. He told me that “alright” was not acceptable. It has just occurred to me that if his first name had been Alan then Al Wright would be telling me that “alright” is not all right. Indeed.

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December 3, 2014

It’s another sign… but this one’s a slogan

There’s a shop I visit. This is the shop where I purchase chocolate. So, as you can imagine, it’s one I frequent on a regular basis. There’s a large sign on the wall that reads “We’re here for all that you want. And a little bit more.” Depending upon your outlook on life in general this would appear to indicate either (a) a caring and generous establishment or (b) a cynical attempt to trick you into thinking this is a caring and generous establishment.

But I have to ask the question: Do I wish to support a business that intends to give me more than I want?

Would it happen like this…?

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