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March 31, 2012


The dental hygienist asked me if I had flossed. I decided I would tell the truth. It was time. All this deception is not good. I told her I flossed every day. Every day that I visited the dentist. I will not argue against the merit of flossing. But I don’t do it. And I wonder who does. Who regularly flosses every single day? Apart from dental hygienists and others whose profession is the tooth.

There are three things I have against flossing. Firstly, it’s time consuming. My teeth like each other. They have, over the years formed a special relationship. They are cosy in my mouth. Apart from the occasional intrusion from the cold and spiky instruments of a dental hygienist, they are snug and happy. They do not want to be parted, even if it is momentarily and by a piece of cotton. So it takes time. I think I am doing my mouth a favour if I brush. Flossing as well can take up valuable time that can be spent gazing out of the window or napping.

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March 24, 2012

The debate

I have no wish for this blog to simply become a place to rant. A place where I just list all the things I do not like. That is my wish. Unfortunately, there are a lot of things that I do not like. So there could be a fair amount of rantishness in these posts. I try to be reasonable. I try to be fair. But I do get worked up sometimes about certain things.

I don’t even think it’s an age thing. I am reasonably sure that as a child I was generally disgruntled with a lot of things. I think I would have been labelled “sulky” or, if you are from the north, you may recognise the term “mardy”. The kinder assessment would have been “fastidious”. It may be that in a lot of ways, I am exactly as I was when I was 10. Outside, I am a man of intelligence, charming, urbane, erudite… well, that’s my interpretation. Inside, I am just a kid. And always have been. As I have grown older, I have simply learnt to hide it. I know more things now. I know how to order stuff in a restaurant. I know the social niceties. I know how to be pleasant to exceedingly boring people. But underneath it all, I want to run off and play. I don’t want to go to work. I don’t want a mortgage. I want my toys. I don’t want to fix those tiles in the bathroom. I want to go play. I don’t want to find the best interest rate for my meagre savings. I don’t want to sit in a stupid office. I want to just wander off and do as I please.

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March 3, 2012

A walk

I took a walk. It wasn’t planned. In the morning I had gone into town. It was grey, overcast but not cold. My time ran out on the parking meter but I didn’t want to go home. So I drove to a village and found a little car park. I parked up, left the radio on and settled down. I nodded off occasionally. I woke with a start when a woman called out to her dog.

I thought about going home but the sun had come out and it was even warmer. I walked along the road to the village shop and treated myself to an ice lolly. I carried on, past the Saturday afternoon football players on the village green. I kept going and found myself at the beginning of a riverside walk. I’d done this walk before and I thought I might just do the first half mile or so. As I approached the pathway, I noticed a group of four lads up ahead.

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